Breakout and Expand Boundaries
“A Training and Learning Experience in Malaysia”

Experience teambuilding and learning like no other. With Bridge’s Break Out and Expand Boundaries, discover and unleash each individual’s potentials, passion and creativity. This coupled with a cultural, scenic and gastronomic adventure as participants immerse themselves in all that Malaysia can offer.

Your staff will learn what makes for a championship team, break out of their comfort zones, change negative mindsets just to name a few. All of these and more in locations that will also have the participants see, feel and taste what makes Malaysia one of the top destinations in the world.

Our Programmes
Our results-driven training

Personal Growth Through Team Synergy
Break out of your comfort zones with one of bridge’s programmes. Realize for yourself what you can do and release yourself from your own perceived limitations and fears. Face these fears with the help of your team under strictly controlled and safe environments. Feel the exhilaration and freedom afterwards.

Successful businesses know that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term. The Leadership development programmes equip functional managers and executives with the necessary attitude they need to excel as multi-faceted leaders.

Transforming Self-Sabotaging Mindsets
Preconceptions or mindsets are formed opinions or ideas we hold about ourselves and others. These beliefs have the power to influence how we feel, what we believe we are capable of, and the actions we take (or don’t take). So how do we overcome these negative preconceptions? Just like changing our negative thinking to positive, it takes effort and focus. With bridge’s help, your team will realize these preconceptions and help overcome them.

Team Bonding & Aspirations
Our teambuilding programmes are designed to transform a group of champions into a championship team. Tightening loosely connected staffs into a dynamic and productive team – a process that seldom occurs naturally. With our innovative activities & vibrant facilitators, it relieves boredom, lifts team spirit, increases team morale, and re-energize team members.

Training Methodology
Accelerated Learning

• Highly experiential & thought provoking
• Use of music, colours & games to enhance learning
• Energises whole brain thinking by engaging the 3 learning modalities (Auditory,Visual & Kinesthetic)

Why Malaysia?
Our Home

• Home to the world’s oldest rainforest
• Home to GREAT shopping
• Home to a diverse number of cultures living harmoniously
• Home to great hill resorts and some of the best beaches in the world
• Home to gracious and friendly people
• Home to an amazing array of plants and wildlife
• Home to incredible gastronomical feasts
• Home to some of the most exciting and adventurous outdoor activities

But most of all……
bridge ICD can align your team with all the above coupled with a 1st class training programme that will engage your team with thought provoking programmemes in an environment that is second to none.

Learning in action

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